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What is Crow Medicine Akashic Reiki ™

Akashic Reiki is a truly transformative treatment that delves into the depths of the energetic realms to bring healing, alignment, and spiritual awakening. Through a combination of meditation, energy work, and the utilization of powerful tools, Akashic Reiki opens the gateway to the Akashic Records, allowing for profound insights and energetic clearing.

The journey begins with a grounding meditation, where both the practitioner and the client connect and prepare for the exploration of the energy system. This initial step serves as a transition from the external world to a state of inner stillness, enabling a deep connection with the self. As the practitioner guides the client, an assessment of the energetic field takes place, akin to the Byosen Scan in traditional Reiki. This process sets the stage for the profound work that follows.

Together, practitioner and client embark on a mystical journey into the Akashic Records. By invoking the presence of guides, ancestors, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Archangels, a collective energy field is established, supporting and guiding the experience. As the journey unfolds, a sense of upward or forward movement may be felt, transporting the consciousness through dimensions and elevating it to a higher perspective. This expanded vantage point, akin to Crow Medicine, allows for a profound alignment with the Higher Self, enabling a deeper understanding of one’s life path and purpose.

Once within the Akashic Records, the client is guided to the Reiki bed or table, where the physical and spiritual aspects converge. To facilitate grounding and connection to the Earth, a near infrared light is utilized. This not only promotes skin health but also acts as an anchor, keeping the soul connected to the physical realm. Simultaneously, a Healthy Line Chakra Mat, adorned with 20 pounds of various crystals, is utilized to activate and cleanse the chakras. The crystals, aligned with the chakra system, work in harmony with pulsed electromagnetic frequencies, rejuvenating the body’s cells and infusing it with vitality. The grounding aspect of the mat, resonating with the Earth’s 7.8 Schumann’s Hertz frequency, ensures that the client remains firmly connected to the physical plane. The heated nature of the bed provides a luxurious and comforting environment, enveloping the client in a state of tranquility and relaxation.

During the treatment, the practitioner assumes the role of an observer, akin to watching a movie unfold. The memories of the initial meditation and assessment blend with the experience within the Akashic Records, enabling the identification and exploration of the energetic imprints held within the body. These imprints, often referred to as “bookmarks,” encompass various energetic patterns, including pains and memories. Through the quantum reality of the Akashic Records, time and space lose their conventional constraints, allowing the soul’s journey to be revealed. The soul, having undergone numerous experiences, may carry energies that are ready to be released and healed, liberating the body from discomfort and unwanted memories.

Remarkably, as the healing unfolds, a fascinating phenomenon occurs—the complete healing of a past issue results in a state of forgetfulness. The individual forgets they ever had trouble, signifying a true release and transformation. This revelation emphasizes the limitless potential for healing and growth, as each session builds upon the previous, addressing new aspects of the soul’s journey. Repetition is unnecessary unless approached from a different perspective, as the focus is always on progress and evolution.

Akashic Reiki extends beyond individual healing, offering an opportunity to clear ancestral and lineage imprints. This aspect is particularly valuable for releasing intergenerational trauma, pain, and subconscious patterning. In this process, the presence of passed-on relatives may emerge, offering insight into the family’s history and participating in the healing journey. Sometimes, their own healing is required for their souls to find wholeness and progression. Quantum reality reveals intriguing connections, occasionally uncovering instances where the client themselves initiated challenges in past lives, shedding light on the interplay of karma and personal growth. It is often said that the person at the center of all their problems is themselves, albeit without conscious memory of their past actions.

Sabotaging behaviors, vows, contracts, and agreements can also be addressed and cleared within the Akashic Reiki framework. The practitioner, in collaboration with the guidance of Guides, Teachers, and Angels, navigates through the client’s life experiences to identify and release energetic entanglements. By liberating the individual from self-imposed limitations, a path towards success and self-realization is opened.

As the body experiences a profound sense of peace, the soul aligns with the individual, fostering a greater sense of self and purpose. Post-treatment, clients often report feeling more connected to their authentic selves, embodying a brighter and enhanced version of themselves. The healing initiates a cascade of transformative changes that continue to unfold over months, ushering in a higher vibrational state and inspiring individuals to embrace their soul’s journey fully. This newfound alignment may propel clients to take courageous leaps and make life changes that were once intimidating, as they honor their true essence and purpose.

Akashic Reiki draws from a rich tapestry of spiritual traditions, combining the healing power of Reiki energy, the wisdom of the Angelic Realms, and the illumination of Lightarian Reiki beings. Shamanic elements are also incorporated, enabling travel to the lower, middle, and upper realms to retrieve and integrate soul fragments throughout time and space. Sacred ceremonies, performed in the presence of the beings encountered during the journey, attune individuals to their unique purpose and activate their innate gifts. Profound healing of past traumas and the resolution of karmic ties are key aspects of this multi-faceted modality.

Akashic Reiki’s impact extends far beyond the individual receiving the treatment. The quantum effects of the healing process permeate the collective field, generating shifts that ripple through relationships and families. By addressing and resolving energetic imbalances and entanglements in the quantum realm, karma, trauma, and problems can be unraveled, leading to harmonious interactions and a more joyful existence for all. Clients often report returning to a transformed universe, where people are experiencing improved well-being and enhanced relationships—an uplifting and joyful residue of the healing journey.

The profound changes initiated by Akashic Reiki serve as a catalyst for personal growth, guiding individuals on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. The practitioner, drawing upon a wealth of spiritual knowledge and training, facilitates a sacred space for healing and transformation. The Crow Medicine Akashic Reiki Training Course (TM) offers an opportunity to delve deeper into this remarkable modality, empowering individuals to embrace their gifts and serve others through healing and spiritual awakening.

If you are ready to embark on a transformative journey of healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth, I invite you to book an Akashic Reiki session. Your well-being and the unfolding of your soul’s path are my utmost priorities. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve you and appreciate your trust in this sacred process.

I welcome your kind comments and reviews following your experience with Akashic Reiki. Your feedback not only supports me but also helps others in their decision to embark on their healing journey. Together, let us create a world filled with love, healing, and empowerment.

With love and gratitude,


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