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About Us

Highly qualified alternative & holistic health practitioners healing people in Winnipeg. Our passion is helping clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs. From our retail area, alternative healing treatment services, workshops and classes, we are here for you. Body Mind and Spirit…products to support all three to live successfully in a world that works to throw us off balance. All services will enhance your spiritual experience, clear and heal old blocks, beliefs and patterns that prevent wellness, as well as help you spiritually be more empowered.

About me: I have extensive years working in the non-profit sector supporting both individuals and their families. My background is Community Development and Rehabilitation. I worked with people with disabilities for many years ensuring their quality of life while remaining in homes in community. I then moved on to Resource Centres, and specialized work assisting the most vulnerable in society to obtain homes of their own and resources to live in community with a quality of life. This included assisting people with Rehabilitation, Trauma, Mental Health, and Addiction treatment services.

I am a certified Usui, Karuna (TM), and Lightarian (TM) Reiki Master/Teacher, and have been honing this craft since 1998. I have expanded into many spiritual areas such as Akashic Records Reading, and a new Quantum Healing treatment of Akashic Reiki.

As well, I am a certified Nutritional coach, and work with herbs and nutritional services, meditation, and work to assist people to balance body/mind/emotions and spirit. I understand the importance of self-care, moving forward at any pace we can, and learning to live a well-balanced life, and am passionate about supporting others along their life journey.

Through a variety of services, products, workshops and classes we look forward to helping you!

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