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Winnipeg Reiki Treatments and Training

Vital Village offers many types of spiritual treatments as well as training for those seeking to become practitioners. What are you looking for?



We specialize in the following services: Reiki treatments, Reiki Classes, Oracle Card Readings, Akashic Records Readings, Akashic Reiki, Herbal and Nutritional Products, Natural Locally made products, Metaphysical Products, Incense, and Smudging Tools.

Our Winnipeg Reiki Classes and our Winnipeg Reiki Treatments fill up fast so book today!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is grounded in the belief that life force energy flows within us all. Reiki promotes healing, relaxation, and well-being by increasing this flow of energy.

Rei–Ki is Japanese for Universal Life Flow Energy. It flows from the Universe, through the Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner to the client receiving the treatment.

What happens during a Reiki?

I see your Chakras

Chakras are energy centers located along your spine. Each chakra corresponds to a different area of life. There is the health of the Chakra and the things that happen in life that can get lodged in the chakras. I work on an energetic level to balance out these Chakra energies. Sometimes I am inspired to talk about it with you, and other times I just go to work and help to heal and mend.

Chakras reflect our responses to the world, and the effects the world has on us. The ones in the front are determined by our interactions with the world. The Chakras in the back are determined by your relationship with yourself.

I see your Aura

Your Aura is the bubble of energy surrounding your body. I can generally see if it is healthy, closed up or does it have rips or tears. There can be different colors and energies indicating to me what healing needs to take place for you to feel more balanced. Reiki works to “smooth” the Aura, which will provide relief, assist to close up tears and seal energy leaks.

I see your guides

That comes forth to participate in the Reiki. We do not come to this planet alone, and in the Reiki treatment room, the veil is thin between our world and the “other” world. If they come forth to bring messages, I deliver them. I work with your guides to bring you the best possible healing during the treatment.

I cross over any spirit attachments

That comes with you that does not serve your higher self or your purpose. We all pick up “hitchhikers”, lower entities, and spirit attachments. We often have brought them forth from previous lifetimes. They hang around in the auric field, often giving you thoughts or attempting to influence your actions. Reiki treatments with me are a “portal” during which they choose to cross over. Sometimes they have a message for you, which I will share, other times they just leave.

You will receive clear insights

On your journey. Reiki is an assisted deep meditation. We often do not have the means or time to slip into such a deep healing trance whereby the answers to our questions begin to flow forth. Reiki is your journey and I am your travel guide. Reiki allows you to transcend the vibration in which problems were made. With a higher perspective and clear thoughts, it is much easier to arrive at the solutions you need.

You will resolve past issues and let go of old beliefs

Reiki is a means to clear and clean out your Chakra system and Auric Field, allowing you to realize that the old ways of doing things no longer serve you in the present. Letting go frees up space to live more presently in the NOW. After a Reiki, it is common to change things in your lifestyle to accommodate the new freer YOU.

Deep healing can take place

We hold memories, along with unresolved thoughts and feelings in our bodies. Once we clear the need to hold on to them, they often “let go” allowing you to live more pain-free and without the same problems you came in with. This can include physical problems. Deep healing is the result of cleaning up your energetic “space”.

You will feel a deeper sense of peace

The Vagus Nerve in the body, which is connected to each of the Chakras, is responsible for the feeling of “fight or flight”. Reiki completely calms this nerve down, allowing deeper healing and insights to come to you. You will feel the shift in your nervous system going from fight or flight, to rest and digest. This is beneficial to aid in deep healing in the body, as well as improve your immune system and overall health.

I will assist you to cut “Aka” cords.

These are energetic “strings”, in a variety of sizes and some look like large hoses. Some are dirty and old, some are healthy and bright.

Through these cords, we connect to others. Some of these Aka cords are old or do not serve us in a healthy way. There are such things as “energy vampires” which are usually just people in our lives that draw on our energy instead of getting their own, usually because they need healing.

When people draw from these cords (like sucking through a straw), we can be exhausted, depleted, as our life energy is funneled away, and someone has the capability to take it. I cut these cords during Reiki when I am asked to either by you or your guides. This alone causes a deep sense of feeling better and well-being.

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Energy healing is the focus of our practices. The energy healing sessions can vary in time and everybody is different and may require a different amount of energy healing. Call us today for more information on energy healing. Heal, Grow, Awaken.  Feel the full universal life force energy, and maximize your well-being. We are located in Winnipeg MB. Call or click our email address to send us a message.

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