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Latest Past Events

Angelic Mediumship for Lightworkers

Just For Today Reiki 806 Osborne Street, Winnipeg

Get ready to connect with the angelic realm and enhance your mediumship skills at "Angelic Mediumship for Lightworkers" on October 14 & 15, 2023


A Lightworkers Guide to Entities: What they Are, and What to Do

Just For Today Reiki 806 Osborne Street, Winnipeg

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey into the mystical world of entities? Our workshop is your gateway to a comprehensive understanding of entities, their roles, and how to collaborate with them. Led by experienced instructor Sue, this workshop is designed to empower you, eliminate fears, and enhance your intuitive abilities.

Discover the benevolent guides and guardians that watch over us, ancestral spirits that hold wisdom, and the mysteries of the spiritual realm. You'll learn to sense the presence of entities, navigate the unknown with confidence, and equip yourself with discernment.
Your journey includes a priceless Field Guide Manual, packed with insights and practical guidance. It's time to reimagine your relationship with entities and become a beacon of guidance and support—for yourself and your clients.

Join us and illuminate your path in the realm of entities.

Enroll today to begin your transformative journey.


Crow Medicine Akashic Records Reading Course

Just For Today Reiki 806 Osborne Street, Winnipeg

Unlock the secrets of the universe and enhance your natural intuition with our Akashic Records Reading course. Our Crow Medicine certification program will give you the tools you need to access the Akashic Records and discover your cosmic origin, soul group, and life purpose.


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