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Living in Lack:

Living with a scarcity mindset can wreak havoc on your life without you even realizing what the true problem is. Becoming aware that you need to break free of these limitations is so important to your current and future success.

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Essential Self-Care for Chronic Conditions

Most of us have been fed a belief since childhood that simply isn’t true. We’ve been led to believe that taking the time for self-care is selfish. And we’re probably not actually saying “self-care is selfish,” but this subconscious belief may show up as: … I’m too busy for self-care … … I need to…

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Psychic Attacks and What to Do

To take back our power, we must first become aware of our inner strength and resilience. It is essential to recognize that we possess the ability to overcome any negative energy that comes our way. By affirming our inherent power and engaging in positive self-talk, we can shift our mindset and disarm the influence of…

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