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Unlocking a New Perspective on Money: Building a Positive Relationship Or…learning about Money as a Spiritual Practitioner…

I never truly realized how detached I had become from the mainstream matrix until I started exploring digital products and alternative ways to earn money. It became even more apparent when I attempted to take a conventional job for financial stability, only to find that it didn’t align with who I had become.

In the past, I used to feel a sense of “need” to be in a job, as if it were the only path to financial security. But now, I view a paycheque as a small compensation compared to the life I had to sacrifice to obtain it. I made the conscious decision not to compromise my authenticity and shrink myself to fit into someone else’s mold. I embraced my identity as an entrepreneur, even though I rarely spend time at my brick-and-mortar store. My life has become incredibly independent, and I often find myself with an abundance of free time.

Interacting with clients and customers through platforms like Facebook Messenger doesn’t feel like work at all. In fact, I often find myself scrolling through funny videos or creating engaging Facebook ads while enjoying the sunshine in my yard with my cat as company. This newfound freedom and flexibility are worlds apart from the structure and limitations of a traditional job.

When I used to receive a paycheque, it felt very final, and finite. I would quickly find myself caught up in a cycle of paying off bills and expenses, leaving little room for anything else. The money would be gone within a day or two, and I would have to wait another two weeks to see it again. This cycle feels strange to me now, as I’ve realized that jobs are costly in more ways than one. They require us to engineer our lives around them, spending time in traffic, shopping for work-related items, and needing to de-stress once we finally return home.

However, I’ve discovered a different approach to money — one that involves creating activities to generate it whenever I need more. I engage in endeavors aligned with my passions and strengths, such as offering Reiki treatments, providing readings, selling items in my shop, and facilitating courses. These activities bring me immense fulfillment, and it’s through them that I find the financial support I desire.

It’s interesting to note that there seems to be an underlying energy that discourages us from intertwining our passions with money. But why should that be the case? Whatever that energy represents, it holds us back from fully prospering while doing what we love. We need to challenge that belief and realize that our passions and financial abundance can coexist harmoniously.

I recently came across an article about budgeting money, and it struck me as somewhat backward. The idea of molding your expenses to fit within the confines of the money you receive feels limiting and keeps you perpetually on a treadmill, always striving but never quite catching up.

That being said, it is essential to understand our monthly necessities and calculate the funds required to sustain our essential needs, such as mortgage payments, utilities, food, and car expenses. Once we have established this foundation, the rest of our financial journey becomes ours to navigate. We can embark on what I like to call “financial adventures.”

Take a moment to envision the activities that truly bring you joy throughout the year. Is it teaching Reiki or exploring new avenues like teaching an Akashic Records Reading course? Perhaps it involves providing treatments for clients or creating some product to sell in a shop or online. Consider specific occasions or commitments like purchasing Christmas presents or fulfilling annual obligations such as timeshare payments. Allocate a dedicated bank account for these purposes and find creative ways to generate the funds. For example, hosting meditation evenings to contribute to the timeshare account or offering shared sessions with other practitioners in the space you rent.

Money possesses a unique quality akin to flowing water — it craves circulation and movement. It wants to provide for us, take care of us, and be an active companion on our journey. It thrives on our excitement and enthusiasm for our financial pursuits. Therefore, it is crucial to cultivate a positive relationship with money, treating it with respect and gratitude. Remember, money mirrors how we treat it. If we view currency as a flow of energy, allowing it to move through our lives, we will find ourselves in harmony with it.

There is no need to chase after money or force it into specific activities. Instead, it naturally engages with us when we pursue endeavors we genuinely love. When we are disenchanted with how we obtained the money, it tends to slip away, hesitant to stay in our presence. By embracing this new perspective and building a positive relationship with money, we unlock a realm of possibilities. We can step away from the mainstream matrix and embrace the freedom of creating a life that aligns with our values and aspirations.

Let’s remember that money is merely a tool — a means to an end. It’s how we choose to use it that shapes our journey. So, let’s make conscious choices, nurture our relationship with money, and allow it to support and amplify our passions. In doing so, we’ll discover that the path to financial abundance becomes intertwined with the pursuit of our true purpose and fulfillment.

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