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Unshrouding the Mystery Behind the Sacred Healing Art of Reiki

My Introduction to Reiki

My first exposure to Reiki energy was in 1998. It was shrouded in mystery and seemed that only the elite were privy to the secrets held within.

All I understood was that when my Reiki therapist touched me I knew I was close to God.

I took one level of Reiki that year, and there were a diverse number of people attending the courses, and no consistent backgrounds, training or education.

Although people seemed very real and open and honest, I experienced a discomfort at the lack of personal boundaries people exhibited, as well as the lack of structure, and related education and other formalities.

Why did I go? I drove by the place several times after having smashed my car for the fourth or fifth time. I had seen a Chiropractor who told me that I would likely never recover, and consult entailed a request to sign a waiver in case he broke my neck during the treatment. I didn’t know how, but I “knew” I could do better than this. I went into the centre, and felt strangely out of my comfort zone. I “knew” I was in the right place even though on all levels, it looked and seemed a very strange place.

The Reiki Master took me into a room where she had me lay on a massage table. I somehow felt I could trust this perfect stranger even though I had no reason to. After that first visit I went home and cried and cried. I did not see any connection. About two days later, I smashed my car. I was really injured again, feeling completely incompetent, and feeling like I was cursed. My car looked like something that came from a smash up derby.

I had an “aha” moment this time though. I realized that I left my office that day feeling powerless and out of control, and wishing I had voiced what was on my mind. While I was sitting in my smashed car on the side of the road, I picked up my cell and called the person from the office. I told her that I just finished smashing my car (again), and wanted her to know how I felt about the conversation we had earlier. I no longer was using my car as a vessel for my pent up feelings. I fixed my car, and this time it stayed fixed. I phoned the Reiki Master to join the class she had on a posting at the centre.

I attended the centre for six months and made regular payments. This was half the amount requested, as I had committed to assisting the business owner/Reiki teacher around the shop for the other half of the money.

I wasn’t sure about the other people in the class, and it didn’t seem like much of a class. We crowded in on couches in a small room. Even though I had many reservations, there was something here I needed and I knew it. I felt nourished every time I came into the centre. I had to know why. I wanted what they were offering, and I wanted to do this for others someday.

During this time I learned one symbol; one secret sacred symbol which I cherished and used over and over for a 10 year period. I learned many different reasons to use the symbol, and felt certain each time that I was carrying out the work of God. In fact, when I look back I was such an enthusiastic student that I likely used that symbol more so than regular Reiki Masters use all the tools combined, and with more earnest.

I read several books over this time, and continued on my path trusting that the answers I needed, would be placed in front of me. I left the centre after the classes ended, and others stayed at the centre and worked. I made one friendship that I continued for several years after.

I continued my education specializing working with people with disabilities and was inspired to open an agency to help the mentioned folks to live in supported housing situations. I always cherished the experience I had learning about this wonderful energy that kept eluding me. 

My next experience was 2007. This was eight years later.  I met a wonderful Reiki teacher and learned two levels of Reiki in three days. I was really encouraged. This was a far more professional experience, and I felt a lot more comfortable in her setting. Still, it was far more casual than the experience you’d have at a doctor’s or therapist’s office. I felt more at ease this time due to my previous experience.

I found myself telling her about it at length, and she was able to walk me through it and help me understand. I was so encouraged I came back five months later to take the next two levels to become a master. Again, another wonderful experience.

It was not until the afternoon of the final day that I finally understood enough about Reiki that I felt the mysteries had finally been unveiled. After a sigh of relief, I finally felt I had enough information to be satisfied. I’m a very curious person by nature, and when I am interested in a topic, I like to know everything.

That was the point when I became motivated to unravel Reiki and make the information more user-friendly and accessible for a wider audience.  I believe there is a real spiritual revolution occurring where people are experiencing a “waking up”. Everyone wants more. We go to church and feel unfulfilled. We know there is a bigger picture but cannot seem to find it in the typical means that seemed to satisfy our parents and many generations before us. Why do we have to belong to an organized religion?

What is a body/mind/spirit connection and how do we get it?

Reiki is promoted as a healing modality. What people know is that maybe they put their hands on you or maybe they don’t. Is it a religion? Is it a crack therapy for healing?

What, what, what? For the average linear thinker, there doesn’t seem to be a logical summary of what it is, what it does, and what does it benefit, or who? 

Why Do We Turn to Reiki?

Some reasons we use Reiki are life changing events, the feeling of being lost with no where to turn, encountering a spiritual crisis, or feeling tired/empty/drained. On our own we may lack courage or conviction to live the life we were meant to.

We encounter health problems, financial problems, family or marital issues and what we truly want out of life fades into the background. We feel that putting our own needs first is selfish when there are all these “problems” for me to attend to.

Reiki is used to give you all the necessary reassurance you need that you are on the right path. We all know that the hard road is usually the right road, but we all do our best to avoid it. Reiki eases the struggle, makes the problems seem more surmountable, and ensures you know you are not alone.     

What to expect on a visit to a Reiki Master

 “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

Quite often I have people tell me they are interested in Reiki and then they find out I am a Reiki Master. Hmmm, coincidence? I think not!

I used to know if a person has their master level of Reiki because often when I enter their space or are in their presence I’d get an overwhelming feeling that I wanted to cry. That is because I am a very sensitive person by nature. Not everyone has this, but they may feel slightly more emotionally sensitive, or a desire to “spill their guts”.

The other thing that can happen is the person’s cell phone will ring off the hook right before the visit, if in traffic the person will enter a crisis where people honk their horns, or they get yelled at, or the universe cries out to them in some other way to get their attention.

Almost every time these happenings are dismissed as a coincidence. Reiki teaches you to “harness” the power of a coincidence and helps you pay attention to softer cues that come as tips to you to improve your situation, that are usually missed before the big crisis occurs.

The Trust Factor

 Strangely, the right Reiki Master will appear to you. There is a force that draws you to someone who is right for you. You might initially reject the teacher presenting themselves, but given time, you may realize the person is indeed the right one.

You must examine your own resistance or fear. Is this a fear/rejection of the teacher or what the lessons will entail? It is really important to choose a Master in whom you trust. You are placing yourself in their hands to guide you through an emotionally intense experience. You must trust them to see you through it. If you don’t feel this way about the Master, keep shopping.

You’ll be guided to the right one.  We always have free will and you are free to come and go as you like.

Reiki healing is based on energy exchange. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and there is no such thing as a free Reiki. Reiki is not charity, and does not work in that way. The expression about giving a man/woman a fish so they eat for a day or teaching them to fish so they can eat for a lifetime really applies here. There is no dependency outside yourself for the answers because Reiki is the tool you will use to be self-reliant. There must be a payment to the person providing the treatment, which can be whatever the two agree on, often an exchange of goods, barter or money.

The reason for this is so you are fully consenting and taking charge of your own healing. Reiki is not a long drawn out process unless the client wishes it to be. The Reiki Master is facilitating and acting as your guide to the answers you seek that will work for your life. There is no right and wrong. The other energy is what you must put forth to enable your own growth and change as you must assist in your own healing journey.

The Visit

Every Master practices Reiki in completely different settings. They can be found sharing offices with other professionals i.e.: massage therapists, chiropractors, etc. They can be found working out of their homes, they might have other modalities they work with i.e.: tarot cards, angel therapy, drumming, etc. which they use in combination with the Reiki.

There are as many healing modalities as there are practitioners. Each one is gifted with their own unique abilities.   Reiki has a magical quality of bringing out other natural gifts which can be used together with Reiki or as an extra benefit.

At the Consultation/Treatment

You may be asked to sign a waiver, and will be asked a number of questions related to your current outlook and some basic health questions. Prior to the session, ask any and all of your questions about how the session will go and what you can expect.

My advice is that you will receive the benefits you are meant to, so try to relax. You will be asked to lie down on a massage table. You will likely be covered with light blankets and there will be soft Reiki music playing. Often there is a candle burning, and maybe incense. If you have any allergies to candles or incense ensure you tell the Reiki Master when you arrive for the session.

Reiki is a guided process between you and your divine self. Every person’s experience is different, and the answers lie within you, using Reiki as the tool to find healing and connect you to your answers.

The Reiki Master will support you through your healing experience to fill in the blanks in less understood areas. Often there are images to interpret or clues that require unveiling.

Reiki is intended to be an empowering experience. Between sessions you may find yourself becoming more aware of your body/mind/spirit needs in order to re-energize and heal.

There are no right or wrong experiences as they are all unique.

To Touch or Not to Touch

We as Reiki Masters are trained to touch. We have specific places we will place our hands on your body during a treatment session. None of which are invasive, nor will any private areas be in contact.

The reason for the touch is to transfer the unique Reiki energy as efficiently as possible. There is long distance Reiki, where touch is not used, but during a treatment session touch is involved.

The treatment will last anywhere between 45 minutes to one and a half hours.

The other really important reason for touch is that the body has a memory. Touching releases memories, thoughts and feelings that have been stored often for years.

Touch is the most reassuring way to feel safe in order to heal. Contact between human beings is sacred and each client is treated with the utmost respect for the life you’ve led, the experiences you’ve had, and the puzzles to overcome. Touch has healing power and is an age old means to enable another to heal and become well.  

What to Expect on Becoming a Reiki Master, Classes

Each Reiki Master will teach Reiki in their own honored way. Trust that it will be the best possible way you are meant to receive it.

You are ready to learn Reiki if you have opened yourself up to the coincidences life is facing you with, when you are ready to receive more love in your life and more success with your life, and you are ready to trust the processes of life. The Reiki Master is merely a facilitator to your own experience with the divine.

You see, the body, mind and spirit are connected in such a way that first the spirit must be addressed in order to heal any ailments of the mind or body. You must connect to your higher self and your own life purpose.

We all have a very important reason to be here, and Reiki will assist you in discovering it. This is important whether you believe in God or not. We must be connected to our life and have a reason to be alive.

Reiki classes will assist you in your journey to discover who you are meant to be and provide some tools to connect you with your life purpose. Through classes you can also be attuned to the Reiki energy in order to help those in your life who need it as well.

What to Expect on Becoming a Reiki Master, experiences

While discovering the real you, it is important to absorb the Reiki energy and integrate it with the experiences you’ve already acquired in your life.

For whatever reason brought you to learn Reiki, you will need to process them along with the new information and energy derived during the Reiki classes. It is so important to take time for yourself, and focus on activities that allow for relaxation and processing.

I always recommend taking hot salt baths with dim lights, and burn a candle and some incense. Go on walks in nature, eat lightly, and balanced and healthy meals are best. I also recommend taking vitamins and minerals because most of us are nutrient deprived. So many people resort to over indulging in previously learned negative rituals i.e.: smoking, drinking, over eating in order to achieve a state of comfort.

Do what you can to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible through this transition, knowing it only gets easier and more comfortable as you go. You will feel more and more secure with the Reiki energy, and  allow more trust and love to flow into your life until you are in the “groove” you are meant to be in.

This is your journey, and the gift of a Reiki Master is to show you how to live with more acceptance, of yourself and circumstances, and separate your issues from those of your loved ones, and do your best each day in your own way without the regular worries.

Living with Integrity

Living with integrity means being fine with who you are and how you live. Reiki is consistent with integrity. The longer you are living Reiki, the more this makes sense and the easier it becomes. Say what you mean and mean what you say is one way to incorporate Reiki and integrity.

Another is to not feel any shame or guilt about your life or who you are. Integrity will assist you to “come clean” about any areas you are not feeling good about, and Reiki offers the guidance and confidence to do it. Not everyone has integrity in every area of their life, nor is anyone perfect. Often we are out of our integrity without the slightest bit of awareness.

Everyone is learning, and so are Reiki Masters. While living in Reiki it’s important to be honest with yourself about your experiences as you become more and more awake. You may go through life changes after learning Reiki to achieve more and more integrity. Do not distress, it is healthy and normal.

Affecting your Reality

A large part of Reiki is learning that everything happens for a reason, and there are no random events. Once you are aware of your own connection you have some responsibility to it. You won’t be able to dismiss events lightly and blame others for the events in your life.

It’s all there on purpose for the reason of providing you with all the information you need to grow and learn. You will discover your own ability to manifest your experiences, and will learn how to bring to you what you need for your higher purpose.

You will be able to “affect your own reality”. You will become aware of how you connect to every experience you become part of, positive and negative. You will also begin to understand that we have free will and can choose our experiences, and each time we can practice with our new awareness and become more skilled at bringing to us the experiences we desire.     

What is Reiki? What isn’t?

Reiki is energy healing. It can be hands on or long distance. It is conducted by a person who is a Reiki practitioner, from Level 2-the Master Level. A Reiki Practitioner is issued a Certificate to verify they are practicing and they have been attuned to the Reiki energy. This is done by a certified Reiki Master during an honored Attunement. If the person doing Reiki does not fall in these categories, then they are not practicing Reiki.

Reiki is not reading cards, giving a massage, doing yoga etc. even though Reiki can be combined with these and many other activities. Reiki does not depend on any other modality. Reiki is energy vs. any concrete physical object. It is extremely important that anyone practicing living in Reiki clearly indicate if they are using Reiki energy while being employed to give a card reading, massage, haircut, etc. Permission must be sought prior to giving Reiki as it is non-intrusive and the opposite of a power of the wills.

Reiki is not a religion. It does not promote one faith above another. It is a facilitation process to connect each person with their own beliefs and higher self. This will happen whether you are atheist, agnostic or a devout Christian or Muslim, etc. Reiki will strengthen your convictions or take you on the path you were meant to take.

How to Pick the Right Master for You

The Master will appear if you are prepared for it and ask the Universe to provide them. It is sufficient to know you need to change an aspect of your life that isn’t working for you or making you happy. Send out the energy to ask for help.

Look for clues in the environment. People will give you clues during conversations, a commercial on TV will advise you, or a book will open to the right page. We live in such a skeptical world that we don’t trust what is put before us. We question the motive. Trust what you see, and trust what you know. Trust your intuition and allow it to guide you to the Master that is picked for you. Sometimes they aren’t ready for you, but if they are meant to be the one, they’ll tune in just in time.


I have only begun to introduce you to the world of Reiki. What a wonderful mysterious place it is, yet, when you are living in Reiki, things are clearer and simpler.

If you are called to take a Reiki session, or are guided to learn how to provide Reiki, don’t be fearful. Embrace the challenge knowing that although you may have some things to learn, you will be better off for it, and will really enjoy the process.   

If you are interested in learning more or would like to contact me:


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