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Usui Reiki Advanced Level, Master/Teacher Levels 3 & 4with Holy Fire III Training

Started on April 23, 2024

These are the ART (Advanced Reiki Training) level and Master levels. Three Reiki manuals are included, covering more encompassing topics which come up during Reiki.

This training is up to date and includes the necessary information to assist with your spiritual ascension process.

Topics included:

  • Reviewing the 3 Pillars of Reiki
  • Traditional “Attunements” vs. Holy Fire III “placements”
  • A deep dive into Holy Fire III, what it is and how to teach it
  • Animal Reiki
  • Dealing with Earthbound, some Mediumship, and helping entities stuck in the lower Astral Planes which will lead you to know how to handle many situations
  • Crystals and working with Crystal grids
  • Working with Plants, and Animals
  • Understanding your personal spiritual power/boundaries
  • Energy management, dealing with psychic attacks and helping others shift into higher timelines
  • Healing the inner child, shadow work, and a little about soul retrieval and how it ties to healthy boundaries and bringing your energy into the present moment
  • Working with long-distance reiki, and learning more about healing others which serves in very powerful ways
  • Attuning ourselves to a higher vibration life, connecting more deeply with the Higher Self, and releasing all that no longer serves us on our Path.

The two-day workshop includes 3 manuals, light lunch, and snacks. The topics are catered to the student’s interests and gifts that present themselves.

Wear comfortable clothing. For more information call 204-229-7296 or email We do individual lessons or group lessons based on student preferences. Prerequisite is Levels 1 & 2 Reiki. Bring your certificate for registration.

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