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Holy Fire III Upgrade

Started on May 19, 2024

Want to Upgrade your Usui Reiki but don’t want to retake the whole course? We now offer the Holy Fire III upgrade only.

The requirement is your completed Reiki certificate for either level 2 or level 4, and even for Karuna (TM) Reiki Master I will do your upgrade.

$177 plus GST. Holy Fire III is an addition to the Usui Reiki that came about in 2014 and allows the energy to rise to higher places. Holy Fire III is too good to miss. It was established as Usui Reiki in 2014 as a gift to us Reiki Practitioners.

Holy Fire III has wonderful healing benefits such as alleviating the healing crisis that can occur after training. It allows the student to still become aware of the truths, while gently being supported to rise above and show great compassion. Learn the history, the concepts, and how to use it for your healing and training, while receiving its deeply healing benefits of it.

Contact to schedule 3 times to do meditations and teachings, either remotely or in person. Call 204-229-7296 with any questions.

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